Go Beyond


What is Go Beyond and the Week of Service?

Go Beyond is an initiative uniting people to serve.

Each year, dozens of churches, organizations, and businesses, and thousands of individuals come together to unify and strengthen our community through acts of service. The Week of Service is a designated week where hundreds of service projects take place all around Lancaster, spreading from Elizabethtown to Reading and from Quarryville to Lebanon.

Over the last five years, together we’ve packed meals for the hungry around the world, brought people together for citywide cleanups, held blood drives, picked up trash on our streets, thanked and celebrated our first responders, beautified our parks and schools, built handicap ramps, repaired homes and camps, fed the homeless, provided supplies for babies and young moms, helped our neighbors, cared for those in need, practiced random acts of kindness, and so much more.

Go Beyond: A Week of Service is the designated week when all Go Beyond partners engage our community through acts of service.

Who is Going Beyond?

Individuals & Families are Participating
Planning and joining in on hundreds of projects

Churches & Organizations are Partnering
Uniting with Go Beyond to plan and complete community projects

Businesses are Sponsoring as Patron
Investing in the community by promoting and funding projects